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Aunty Alex

I hold a recent degree from UH Manoa, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with a focus on pre-veterinary studies, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology. My lifelong passion for creatures both terrestrial and aquatic has driven my academic and professional pursuits.

During my college years, I gained valuable experience as a veterinary technician, honing my skills within a professional veterinary setting. My dedication to animal welfare extended beyond the classroom as I dedicated my time to volunteering at various animal shelters. Over the past six years, I've cultivated personal experience in dog walking, pet sitting, and boarding a diverse array of animals.

My journey in pet care began on Rover, where I quickly garnered a reputation for outstanding reviews. I specialize in managing high-energy dogs, particularly those under one year old. My skill set includes administering oral medications, providing first aid and CPR for dogs, caring for special needs pets, and tending to senior animals.


At home, I share my life with two silly cats who hold a special place in my heart, further fueling my passion for animal companionship.

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